NASA’s Frontier Development Lab and Intel Create GPS For Space

A GPS for space should come with an epic voice. Just think of it: “turn left in 350 kilometers,” or “traffic ahead.” That’s what you’d hear from Google Maps or other GPS... Read more »

Water on the Lunar Surface – Key to Further Exploration of the Moon

One of the people running NASA feels like a realistic way of exploring and colonizing the Moon might be just around the corner, as water was found on the surface of our... Read more »

Ice Water On The Moon Discovered By NASA’s Instruments Aboard India’s Chandrayaan-I

NASA’s officials reported earlier that the US agency’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument, installed on India’s Chandrayaan-I, discovered ice water on the Moon. According to NASA, the agency’s M3 instrument aboard Indian lunar... Read more »

Two Meteorites Collide with the Moon

An incredible camera shows us why we see such a large number of pits when we stare at the moon. The Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS), a progression of telescopes... Read more »

Space Lawyer Explains Who “Owns” the Moon

Seeing Buzz Aldrin next to the American Flag planted on the Moon might have been an iconic photo, showing that man finally visited the Moon. But others also wondered if planting the... Read more »

NASA Discovers Rare “Equal Mass” Double Asteroids Orbiting Each Other

Observations made by using three of the world’s largest radio telescopes revealed that an asteroid discovered last year is actually two asteroids of about 900 meters in size and orbiting each other.... Read more »

The First Israeli Spacecraft Will Get to The Moon on a SpaceX Rocket

The first Israeli spacecraft which will land on the Moon will be launched this December, according to the SpaceIL announcement on 10 July. They plan to have the spacecraft land on the... Read more »

You Can Propose to Your Significant Other in Space

If both of you love stargazing and watching the sky, then what better way to propose to your significant other on your way to the moon? Starting with March 2022, you can... Read more »

Vancouver Sky Will Light Up Under the Full Strawberry Moon Tonight

Tonight’s the night when you should stay awake and check out the sky. If you’re in Vancouver, then you’ll see a full Strawberry Moon appear tonight. And if you’re wondering why the... Read more »

Is There Really Water on The Moon?

A recent study has put to rest many debates on whether there is or not water on the moon. A team of scientists at the Tohoku University, Japan, found proof inside a... Read more »