NASA Chose Maxar Tehnologies Inc. as a Contractor for the Lunar Gateway Project

NASA’s plan to send humans on Mars once again is slowly taking shape. Recent news suggests that NASA finally chose a company to assist with the building of the Gateway platform. This... Read more »

NASA’s New Plans On The Future Moon Mission Don’t Impress Agency’s International Partners

NASA is currently working on a revamped plan which accelerates the return of humans to the surface of our natural satellite, but other space agencies do not appear to be too enthusiastic... Read more »

An Award Was Rewarded to SpaceIL Beresheet Moon Mission In Spite of Failed Landing

Although SpaceIL’s shot to the moon of their Beresheet spacecraft on Thursday evening was a letdown, XPRIZE Foundation will award the non-profit organization with a $1 million “Moonshot Award”​. XPRIZE is a... Read more »

Trump Wants NASA To Fly Astronauts To The Moon By 2024 – Can The US Space Agency Comply?

NASA might meet the aggressive moon-landing timeline the administration of Trump has established, but it is not going to be easy according to experts. NASA has been instructed on 26th of March,... Read more »

Israel’s First Moon Mission Might Unravel The Mystery Of Magnetic Lunar Rocks

After SpaceIL and IAI spent eight years and about $100 million for building and preparing Israel’s first Moon mission, the so-called Beresheet lunar lander is one week away from its launch from Cape Canaveral... Read more »

Beresheet Spacecraft, The First Israeli Moon Mission, Is Ready To Take Off This Month

Israel is about to become the fourth nation of the world to land on the Moon, after the United States, the ex-USSR, and China. If everything goes as planned, Israel will launch... Read more »

Here’s NASA’s New Map For the Space Explorations To Follow Through the 2030s

NASA has published the “National Space Exploration Campaign Report,” which they promised the Congress last year, and it’s finally here to show us a map for what will become of the American... Read more »

A New Moon Mission Would Not Require A Big Budget, NASA Chief Says

According to NASA Chief, Jim Bridenstine, the budget for a new Moon mission wouldn’t need a big budget in the style of the Apollo missions. And, however, that would be impossible since... Read more »