NASA Chief Says Manned Missions To The Moon Won’t Break The Bank

In a recent statement, Jim Bridenstine said that the crewed missions to the moon would not be as expensive as Apollo missions were in the mid-1960s. They wouldn’t even have the resources... Read more »

NASA Is Almost Ready For a Trip to the Moon – But They’re Missing a New Space Suit!

If everything goes according to the schedule, NASA should send a manned mission to the moon in the mid-2020s. The new spacecraft capsule is being developed. At the same time, there should... Read more »

Space Lawyer Explains Who “Owns” the Moon

Seeing Buzz Aldrin next to the American Flag planted on the Moon might have been an iconic photo, showing that man finally visited the Moon. But others also wondered if planting the... Read more »

The First Israeli Spacecraft Will Get to The Moon on a SpaceX Rocket

The first Israeli spacecraft which will land on the Moon will be launched this December, according to the SpaceIL announcement on 10 July. They plan to have the spacecraft land on the... Read more »