Toyota Is Working On A Moon Rover Concept

It looks like in about ten years from now, Toyota is planning to send people on the moon. They just teamed up with Japan’s space agency in order to build a fuel... Read more »

Chunk of Rock Brought Back from the Moon in 1971 Might Be a 4 Billion-Old Piece of Earth

Who would have thought that the oldest rock on Earth could be brought from the moon? Back in 1971, the Apollo 14 mission had astronauts dug up material from the surface of... Read more »

Can We Grow Plants on the Moon?

At the beginning of the week, a lot of websites and reports offered some revolutionary news: a plant seed had germinated successfully on the moon, which is part of an early experiment... Read more »

Apollo 8 Mission Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary On Christmas

This Christmas the humanity has something extremely important to celebrate: Apollo 8’s 50th anniversary. NASA’s first mission to the moon, Apollo 8 was a success in every way, and it’s still seen... Read more »

Lunar Cancer: Breathing In Moon Dust Is Extremely Toxic

Space agencies have been working hard to get humans back to the Moon. But, this is not really the greatest place to be, in case you were wondering. The astronauts who were... Read more »

Earth Reportedly Has Two Hidden Extra Moons Entirely Made Of Dust

We might have more than a single moon, according to the latest expert confirmations reported by National Geographic. The vast dust clouds that have been spotted for the very first time back... Read more »

NASA Presented A Sustainable Plan To Return to the Moon and Send Humans to Mars

Since President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive-1 in which he demanded NASA “to lead an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the... Read more »

Ispace to Explore the Moon in 2020 and 2021

There’s a Japanese company that wants to explore the Moon. So they bought a room on not one, but two upcoming flights of Falcon 9 because they want to transport spacecraft to... Read more »

A Vancouver Artist Hopes To Join Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa In The Trip To The Moon

The first tourist to circle the moon will be on his way around 2023. Michael Markowsky, an artist from Vancouver, claims his training as a painter at -40 C and drawing at nearly... Read more »

In 2023 SpaceX will Fly Artists and a Japanese Billionaire Around the Moon

Yesterday night, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that a Japanese billionaire and a clique of artists will become the first private citizens in history to fly beyond the Earth’s low orbit. They... Read more »