Milky Way Died A Long Time Ago, And We’re Now Living In Our Home Galaxy’s “Second Version”

At some point in its history, a long time ago, Milky Way died but experienced a spectacular rebirth. Now, we’re living in the “second version” of our home galaxy. At least that’s... Read more »

Andromeda Ate Milky Way’s Sibling Almost 2 Billion Years Ago

In a new study, scientists just discovered a baffling fact about our galaxy: Milky Way had a big sibling until roughly two billions of years ago when it was torn apart by... Read more »

A Small Satellite to Look for the Missing Matter from the Milky Way

A little satellite has embarked on researching the halo of the unbelievably hot gas encompassing the Milky Way, and it could enable researchers to find the gigantic amount of missing matter from... Read more »

Incandescent Center of the Milky Way Captured in a Perfectly Clear Image by New Telescope

Scientists are now in the possession of what they claim to be the clearest image of the center of our galaxy taken with the aid of the newest telescope located in South... Read more »

Astronomers Discovered The Milky Way Is Greasy and Toxic

When you think of space, you imagine darkness, and freezing temperatures, but not greasiness. Astronomers knew there is some grease in the Milky Way, but a new study – conducted by a... Read more »

LISA Will Detect Binaries from Globular Clusters in the Milky Way

The European Space Agency mission called Laser Interferometer Space Antenna – or LISA will be able to detect and precisely measure gravitational waves. Astronomers define gravitational waves as tiny ripples in the... Read more »