Experts Advise Consumers to Throw Away Contact Lenses Only in the Garbage

Researchers at Arizona State University warn that throwing away contact lenses down the drain or in the toilet is adding to the pollution of water. Their advice is to throw them away... Read more »

Pilot Whale Dies In Thailand After Eating Over 80 Plastic Bags

In Southern Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia, a small male pilot whale was discovered in a canal. It was barely alive, according to Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources... Read more »

B.C Oysters Are Contaminated with Microplastics

A new study shows that the top region where oysters grow is polluted with microplastics. The study was conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University, and it recently appeared in the journal... Read more »

Scientists Discovered Arctic Sea Ice Contains Huge Amounts of Microplastics

We all know that plastic is a threat to the environment, but what do we know about microplastics? Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany, took samples of ice from three... Read more »

There Are Microplastics Inside Some Canadian Brands of Bottled Water

Recently, a CBC report on Canadian products shed some light on the bottled water. It appears that some brands of bottled water in Canada also deliver microplastics in the water. With last... Read more »