Meteorite Hit Near Australian Coast With The Power Of A Nuclear Bomb

A burning rogue meteorite crashed near the coast of Australia, hitting an area known as the Great Australian Bight with the power of a nuclear bomb. The meteor began to burn, appearing... Read more »

Meteorite Found In Costa Rica After An Impact Categorized As “Extraterrestrial Mud Ball”

On April 23rd, a meteorite the size of a washing machine tore apart in our atmosphere and landed in a small town from Costa Rica. Scientists state that examinations and research conducted... Read more »

Meteorite Hit The Moon During The Total Lunar Eclipse In January

On January 21, 2019, thousands of eyes turned to the sky to observe the total lunar eclipse. The event was fully visible from North and South America, Europe and western Africa, and... Read more »

Scientists Found Bacteria in A Meteorite From Mars – Was There Life on Mars?

A new study claims that bacteria traces found in a Martian meteor prove that life could survive on Mars. In 1996, NASA released a similar study, which noted that strands of bacteria... Read more »

A Piece of a Comet Was Reportedly Found Inside a Meteorite

A tiny piece of a comet was found encased in a meteorite that fell to Earth and was recovered from Antarctica in 2002. The meteorite is called LaPaz Icefield 02342 and was... Read more »

Burning Meteor Lit Up Florida’s Night Sky During The Weekend

Florida residents were in for a treat (or a mild shock) this weekend. A powerful light could be spotted as it traveled across the night sky. The phenomenon occurred on Saturday when... Read more »

Meteorite Worth US$100,000 Used as a Doorstop

With all the meteorite mining in space and Hayabusa2 landing making it into the news, a Michigan man wondered how much his piece of meteorite would be worth. He had the rock... Read more »

Vital Ingredient For Life on Earth Came From Outer Space

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manatoa shows that a vital element for the building blocks for life came on our planet from outer space. They... Read more »

How Come Nobody Saw the Meteor That ‘Exploded’ Over the Thule Air Base in Greenland?

On 25 July there was a fireball streaking the sky over Greenland, right over the Thule Air Base. It had released 2.1 kilotons of energy, making it the second biggest energetic explosion... Read more »

Green Meteor Streaks the Night Sky Over Sydney

We are all preparing to see the amazing Perseids this month, but one particular meteorite was in a hurry, so it came to steal the thunder a week before Perseids would light... Read more »