Telemedicine Solutions Help Improve Mental Health While Creating Strong Relationships Between Therapists And Patients

Telehealth or telemedicine has been slowly but surely penetrating the traditional healthcare system thanks to the many benefits that it brings for everyone involved. Mental health is a fundamental issue, and unfortunately,... Read more »

Social Media Is More Harmful To Girls’ Mental Health Than To Boys’

Another new study linked social networks use to depression and other mental disorders in teenagers. According to new research, social media is more harmful to girls’ mental health than to boys.’ The... Read more »

Deeply Disturbing Statistics Show Canada’s High Rates of Suicides, Child Abuse and Infant Mortality

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Dads Can Also Experience Postpartum Depression

If you thought that only mothers could experience depression after giving birth, a recent presentation at the American Psychological Association tells us that fathers can be affected by it too. Anxiety and... Read more »

New Mental Health and Addictions Model Launched in British Columbia

In order to address mental health and addiction issues, a new model was launched by the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy. The first step is the launch of an... Read more »

Massive Genetic Study Finds Connections Between Psychiatric Disorders

An international team of researchers from the US, UK, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia has started a project called “Brainstorm Study.” They used a million of people’s genes to find clues on... Read more »

The World Health Organization No Longer Considers Transgender People As Having a Mental Illness

After categorizing video game addiction as a mental health problem, the World Health Organization ruled out gender dysphoria as being a mental illness. Instead of seeing gender incongruence as a mental illness,... Read more »

Lola the Vancouver Fire Trauma Dog Will Help Her Human Colleagues Cope With Stress

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An 11-Year-Old Student in Simcoe County Wrote a Book on Mental Health

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Daily Routines Are Great For Mental Health, Claims a New Study

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