Massive Asteroid, 2006 QQ23, Will Pass Next To Earth Today

The topic of encounters between our planet and a massive asteroid has been featured in a large number of movies and books, as people love the fact that human ingenuity manages to... Read more »

Massive Asteroid Just Passed By Earth At High Speed

A massive asteroid with a diameter of approximate meters passed by Earth at an impressive speed of 24 kilometers per second. What makes the event interesting is the fact that the asteroid,... Read more »

Massive Asteroid Close Approach To Take Place Today, According To NASA

A massive asteroid will come alarmingly close to Earth this Sunday. NASA has been tracking the 144-foot rock designated as a Near-Earth Object or NEO. According to CNEOS, the Center for Near-Earth... Read more »

Massive Asteroid Will Make Its Annual Pass By Earth This Monday

NASA has announced that a massive asteroid is going to pass by Earth this Monday. The space rock, which is twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, is... Read more »

Massive Asteroid, 2019 CL2, Will Fly Past Earth On Monday, NASA Reported

Our planet will have a close call with a massive asteroid named 2019 CL2. The asteroid is traveling at around 16,800 mph, and it is 390 feet wide. Nonetheless, there is no... Read more »