Updates on Mars Missions: InSight Approaches Mars, JPL Team Waits For Opportunity Rover’s Call

NASA launched the InSight spacecraft on 5 May and is on its way to Mars. On 6 August, it passed half of the distance, and all its instruments were tested in the... Read more »

Super Gel Used For Building Skyscrapers Might Help Us Once We Colonize Mars

The researchers from CU Boulder have successfully developed a super-insulating gel capable of greatly increasing the energy efficiency of skyscrapers or other buildings. Someday, it may help the people that will colonize... Read more »

Here’s What SpaceX Discussed at Their Top-Secret Mars Conference

The public was not supposed to be aware of the secret SpaceX conference, but it somehow made its way on the internet, so (part of) the cat is out of the bag.... Read more »

Curiosity Just Turned 6 Years And NASA Wishes It Happy Birthday

Let’s all say happy birthday to the Mars Curiosity Rover and the team that worked together to design, build, and supervise it! On 5 August it got to the Red Planet and... Read more »

NASA Chose Five Teams To Design Houses For The First Martian Residents

We might not have reached Mars yet, but NASA already looks further into the future: how will houses on Mars look like. Back in 2015, NASA launched a competition called the 3D-Printed... Read more »

For Americans to Get on Mars, It Is Required a Long-Term Commitment

A team of senators heard a series of expert opinions amid a board of trustees hearing on Wednesday (which is the 25th of July) about what will be required strategically and logically... Read more »

The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Takes Place This Friday – Mars Approaches Earth

According to scientists, the longest total lunar eclipse of the century will take place this Friday, and it will turn the moon into a reddish sphere. NASA says that this lunar eclipse... Read more »

Mars is Completely Covered by a Massive Dust Storm

30th of May is the day when a small dust storm was first observed on the Red Planet. By June 20th, the storm intensified and started taking over Mars. At the moment,... Read more »

Mars at Opposition with the Blood Moon: When Will This Happen?

We all know that the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse will make its appearance in about two weeks, and we also know that Mars is now larger and brighter in the sky,... Read more »

Are We Really Going to Build a City on Mars?

As per a NASA expert, UAE has a plan to build a city on Mars and it’s not going down for anything. It all happened in 2017, when UAE talked about its... Read more »