Photos Of Mysterious Smoky Clouds That Rise On Mars Are Revealed – So Is Their Cause

NASA’s Mars InSight lander and Curiosity rover have been doing a lot of skygazing and they sent back some pretty impressive images of clouds. It’s already a known fact that it doesn’t... Read more »

NASA Orbiter’s Latest Discovery On Mars Will Blow Your Mind – Someone Might Have Already Reached The Red Planet

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NASA Plans Sending An Experimental Helicopter Drone Along With the Mars 2020 Rover

NASA plans to send a special helicopter drone to the Red Planet. The device will join the Mars 2020 rover, and it has already passed a selection of trials which infer that... Read more »

Mars 3D Homes Approved By NASA For Building Before Humans Get There – See The Mind-Blowing Photos

We didn’t even set foot on the Red Planet, and NASA has already approved some 3D designs for habitats to be built there from materials that are available on Mars. Just in... Read more »

Scientists Made Interesting Discoveries About Lightning On Mars

A recent study, published in the October issue of the journal Icarus, shows interesting new findings of Mars. It seems that, since Mars has a thinner atmosphere than Earth, lighting on Mars... Read more »

Mars Missions Might Be Impossible Due To Cosmic Radiation

A lot of space agencies are targeting Mars missions after the Moon ones. There is only one thing that could make these missions impossible: cosmic radiation. On Earth, a human being is... Read more »

Mars’ Passing Clouds Revealed By NASA Will Give You Goosebumps

NASA revealed some fantastic photographs of the clouds on Mars. These were taken by the Curiosity rover, and they’re genuinely mind-blowing. Just the idea that these are the clouds that you can... Read more »

Scientists Carefully Prepare the Astronauts’ Journey to Mars

The science world started to conduct several experiments to monitor the effects that a potential journey to Mars could have on the human body, to prevent the damaging consequences that such a... Read more »

Huge Martian Ice Discovery Mirrors The Planet’s Past Climate

A new Martian discovery shows some exciting details regarding the Red Planet’s history. Some newly discovered layers of ice that are buried a mile beneath Mars’ north pole are the remnants of... Read more »

Mineral Deposit On Mars Might Be Linked To Ancient Volcanic Eruption

The ash released by powerful volcanic eruptions is thought to be the primary source of a fascinating mineral deposit located near the landing site for an upcoming Mars rover. According to the... Read more »