Methane on Mars Is Diminishing, Indicating That If There Was Any Alien Life, Is Now Dying

The ExoMars mission’s Trace Gas Orbiter finds a surprising lack of methane on Mars stunning the researchers and rising puzzling questions. The gas is produced on Earth by organisms and scientists argued... Read more »

Water On Mars – The Red Planet Lost Much Of It, But There Might Still Be Underground Water

There has been plenty of debates regarding the water that once existed on Mars. However, many questions remain unsolved. One of the biggest ones is “Where did the water on Mars go?”.... Read more »

“Cyborg-Plants” Can Grow On Mars And Help The Future Mars Colony

Australian scientists have found a way to give plants some high-tech upgrades that could make them super plants, or “cyborg-plants” as scientists named them. Over time, plants have received new composites through... Read more »

NASA Reveals How Humans Could Live In 3D-Printed Martian Habitats

Have you ever wondered how life on Mars would be? Well, now NASA just revealed the top three designs for future Mars habitats which could be remotely 3D-printed one day and then... Read more »

Large Rivers Flowed On Mars For A More Extended Period Than Previously Thought

A new study conducted by the University of Chicago claims that large rivers used to flow on Mars in the recent past. The Martian rivers were significantly more powerful and more extensive... Read more »

Scientists Agree That We Need To Take Mars Rocks Samples And Bring Them To Earth

We have lots of questions about the Red Planet, and to be able to answer them, we need samples collected from the surface of Mars, and then returned to Earth to be... Read more »

Life on Mars Might Have Existed In The Past As The Martian Atmosphere Was Habitable

Mars could have had some key ingredients for life produced thanks to some asteroid impacts on ancient Mars, according to a new study. If that happened, a lot of hydrogen entered the... Read more »

Alien Life Has Just Been Discovered On Mars

Humanity has been searching for life on the Red Planet for hundreds of years, and now it seems that a breakthrough discovery has just been made. Ever since astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli looked... Read more »

McMaster Scientist Helps With The Mission To Mars Guidelines

You will surely want to pack your toothbrush and your teddy bear if you are going on a journey of 261 million kilometers in the future mission to Mars. Now, A post-doctoral... Read more »

Water On Mars: First Geological Evidence Of A System Of Ancient Interconnected Lakes Was Discovered

The whole history of water on Mars is a truly complex one, and it’s massively linked to understanding whether or not life ever existed on the Red Planet. Mars Express just revealed... Read more »