ESA Is Planning a Mission to Return NASA’s Mars Soil Samples Back to Earth

As NASA is working on launching the Mars 2020 rover, the European Space Agency (ESA) has a different goal for this mission. The Mars 2020 rover will scan and photograph the planet,... Read more »

NASA Will Have a Helicopter Hitch a Ride on the Next Mars Rover 2020 Mission

NASA is really going to send a helicopter to Mars! The helicopter will prove whether air vehicles are viable or not on Mars. The agency will send the helicopter in the Mars... Read more »

The Egyptian Warrior Woman On Mars Could Be Just Pareidolia

With the picture of that rock on Mars making everyone lose their minds, some people are skeptical. We all want proof that aliens exist and they live or lived in our solar... Read more »

NASA and ESA Plan To Bring Martian Soil Samples to Earth

On 26 April, NASA and the European Space Agency have signed a statement of intent on finding ways of bringing soil samples from Mars to Earth for analysis. Although it sounds great,... Read more »