Strange White Cloud Over Mars’ Equator Spotted by the Mars Express Orbiter

Right over the dead volcano on the Martian equator, there is a white cloud that appears to stretch across the Martian sky. It looks like a plume of an eruption, but that... Read more »

NASA Opportunity Rover Just Got a Survival Deadline on Mars – What Does That Mean?

On 30 August, NASA had a grim announcement to make about recovering the silent rover on Mars. After fighting the dust storm that wrapped the entire Red Planet, the rover hasn’t sent... Read more »

Updates on Mars Missions: InSight Approaches Mars, JPL Team Waits For Opportunity Rover’s Call

NASA launched the InSight spacecraft on 5 May and is on its way to Mars. On 6 August, it passed half of the distance, and all its instruments were tested in the... Read more »

After Martian Storm, Rover will try to Contact Home

One of the rovers sent by NASA is waiting for a huge storm to die out, so it can recharge its batteries with solar power and contact earth. The current state of... Read more »