Mars Opportunity Rover Is Still Snoozing: “We Still Haven’t Heard From It,” Says NASA

The huge dust storm that surrounded the whole planet since June hasn’t been kind to NASA’s Opportunity rover. Considering how challenging the living conditions on Mars for a rover, imagine how tough... Read more »

Curiosity Just Turned 6 Years And NASA Wishes It Happy Birthday

Let’s all say happy birthday to the Mars Curiosity Rover and the team that worked together to design, build, and supervise it! On 5 August it got to the Red Planet and... Read more »

Mars Global Storm Is Not Over

NASA’s old Opportunity rover might be sleeping through the rough dark weather, but Curiosity is on a schedule, sending to earth incredible images of skies filled with dust. It has been more... Read more »

NASA’s Major Announcement on Mars Rover Curiosity Discovery Will Be Revealed Tomorrow!

NASA has announced that Mars rover Curiosity made an amazing discovery on Mars. They will share the news with the world tomorrow at 6 pm GMT. As for what they will reveal,... Read more »

Mars’s Curiosity to Test New Drilling Strategies

A mechanical issue thumped Curiosity’s drill, which sits toward the finish of the rover’s 7-foot-long (or 2 meters) mechanical arm, out for the count in late 2016. Mission colleagues have been considering... Read more »