NASA’s Latest Image With Mars’ Dunes: The “Ghost Dunes” May Hold Evidence Of Ancient Alien Life

An amazing image showing sand dunes on Mars has been released this week by NASA, reports Fox News. In the picture, it can be seen that the dunes boast an elongated crescent... Read more »

Meet ESA’s “Rosalind Franklin” Mars Rover That Would Soon Search For Alien Life On Mars

In the memory of the DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin, the UK-made ESA’s Mars Rover that would soon search for alien life on Mars would bear her name. The name was picked from... Read more »

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Is Dead Due To The Dust Storm That Swiped Mars Last June

In June 2018, NASA’s Opportunity Rover entered hibernation mode after a massive sand storm blocked the sunlight from reaching the Mars explorer’s solar panels. Now, the scientists fear that Opportunity Rover is... Read more »

Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Might Be the First Martian Resident

Remember when Elon Musk warned about the AI and the danger we would all be in if it went unregulated? When he founded an organization named Open AI to encourage the development... Read more »

It Would Be ‘Stupid’ To Fly People To Mars, Says An Apollo Astronaut

In a new documentary made by BBC Radio 5 Live, an Apollo astronaut, Bill Anders, who orbited the Moon and returned to Earth 50 years ago, during the Apollo 8 mission, said... Read more »

Mars Express Celebrates 15 Years Around Mars With A Stunning Snap Of The Korolev Crater

The image above shows what looks like a landscape of fresh snow, ideal for those who like the typical winter landscapes during Christmas holidays. However, it is nothing else than the Korolev... Read more »

NASA Hopes To Find Life On Mars With Its Future Rover Mars2020

One of NASA’s main missions these days is to return to the Moon, and this is what other space agencies of the world are dreaming about as well. But on the other... Read more »

InSight Spacecraft Captures Impressive Images of Mars

The InSight spacecraft successfully landed on Mars earlier this week and it is already hard at work, photographing the landing site. It became fully operational in the span of 5 hours as... Read more »

Elon Musk Says That There’s a 70% Chance He’ll Be Personally Traveling To Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just said that there’s a 70% probability that he will also be traveling to mars when the time comes. He told Axios’ new program on HBO that he believes... Read more »

The InSight Mission To Mars Is Set To Confirm Its Landing To NASA Via Radio Telescopes

NASA’s InSight mission aims to send a lander to Mars in order to study the crust, core, and mantle of the red planet. InSight was launched back in May, and it almost... Read more »