Traveling to Mars Will Cause Cancer, Shows NASA Study

Going into space is a goal many people would want to achieve, and now that space agencies talk about the Moon and Mars, about settling colonies, it feels like it’s all going... Read more »

A New Roadmap is set by NASA for a Moon Base and Manned Missions to Mars

For decades, crewed missions have been restricted to the low orbit of the Earth. However, NASA is set to change this. After some reluctant statements have been made regarding missions to Mars... Read more »

India’s Mars Space Probe Completes Four Years Orbiting the Red Planet

About five years ago, India’s Mars space probe was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) with the mission to orbit and study the Red Planet. Now, the probe, also known as... Read more »

Elon Musk Unveils His Plans For the BFR Spaceship

When we first saw the render of the giant rocket, we were all thinking – that’s how we imagined it would look! There was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Moreover,... Read more »

Ancient Mars Had The Perfect Conditions For Underground Life to Thrive

According to a new study carried out by the researchers at the Brown University and published in the Earth and Planetary Science Letters, ancient Mars had the perfect condition for underground life... Read more »

Swiss Scientists Presented The Plans Of An “Igloo Base” For The First Manned Mission To Mars

According to NASA, the first humans to live on the Red Planet “have already been born,” and the US space agency is now planning the first manned mission to Mars. However, living there... Read more »

We just Received a Selfie Made by Curiosity on Mars

Just recently, NASA has shown us a selfie which was made on Mars by the Curiosity rover. It consists of a 360 degree panoramic image which is composed from multiple photos taken... Read more »

NASA’s InSight Mission Is Only 3 Months Away From Exploring Mars

NASA’s InSight is on its way to the Red Planet where it will conduct unique exploration missions of the interiors of Mars. If everything goes as scheduled, the InSight spacecraft will land... Read more »

The Sturgeon Moon versus Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn

On 26 of August, the full moon or Sturgeon Moon will not be the only star of the show as Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will also be present on the... Read more »

NASA’s Frontier Development Lab and Intel Create GPS For Space

A GPS for space should come with an epic voice. Just think of it: “turn left in 350 kilometers,” or “traffic ahead.” That’s what you’d hear from Google Maps or other GPS... Read more »