InSight Spacecraft Captures Impressive Images of Mars

The InSight spacecraft successfully landed on Mars earlier this week and it is already hard at work, photographing the landing site. It became fully operational in the span of 5 hours as... Read more »

Elon Musk Says That There’s a 70% Chance He’ll Be Personally Traveling To Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just said that there’s a 70% probability that he will also be traveling to mars when the time comes. He told Axios’ new program on HBO that he believes... Read more »

The InSight Mission To Mars Is Set To Confirm Its Landing To NASA Via Radio Telescopes

NASA’s InSight mission aims to send a lander to Mars in order to study the crust, core, and mantle of the red planet. InSight was launched back in May, and it almost... Read more »

The ExoMars Rover Is Set To Land On Mars, Drilling Into The Surface To Hunt For Life Signs

The ExoMars rover will be landing on Mars sometime in 2020. Oxia Planum is a flat plain rich in iron-magnesium clays, and this seems to be the first choice of the mission’s... Read more »

ESA’s Mars Express Encounters a New Mission above Mars

On 13 September an odd cloud was formed above a dead volcano on Mars and since then ESA’s Mars Express has been observing the evolution of it. Scientists believe that the cloud... Read more »

NASA’s InSight Lander 1 Month Away from Landing on Mars

On 26 October, Mars will get a new robot friend over: NASA’s InSight lander, which will have to go through a very tough task – the descent and landing on Mars is... Read more »

Strange White Cloud Over Mars’ Equator Spotted by the Mars Express Orbiter

Right over the dead volcano on the Martian equator, there is a white cloud that appears to stretch across the Martian sky. It looks like a plume of an eruption, but that... Read more »

NASA Gets The First Image of Mars From Its Two CubeSats: EVE and Wall-E

EVE and Wall-E are the only CubeSats that have ever traveled to Mars. On 22 October, NASA has posted the first image of the Red Planet from the MarCO mission which is... Read more »

Finding Liquid Water On Mars: It Could Hold Enough Oxygen To Support Life

Finding liquid water on Mars has been one of the most stringent goals of NASA’s Mars program. Nobody really thought that the concentrations of dissolved oxygen that are needed for supporting life... Read more »

Traveling to Mars Will Cause Cancer, Shows NASA Study

Going into space is a goal many people would want to achieve, and now that space agencies talk about the Moon and Mars, about settling colonies, it feels like it’s all going... Read more »