Lyme Disease in Vermont Is Issue Number Two in the Country

Vermont is receiving rank number two for Lyme disease in the country, and it’s endemic in the state. Many critics are saying that the problem with the Lyme disease is from another... Read more »

Ticks With Lyme Disease Found in Hamilton

The public health department in Hamilton is looking for a way to manage the tick invasion as there is an “estimated Lyme disease risk area.” They found black-legged deer ticks, which are... Read more »

Lyme Disease Can Cause Rare Complications, Attacking the Heart, Says Ontario Doctor

A Cardiologist in Kingston, Ontario warns health care professionals in Canada to be aware of a serious complication of Lyme disease. The bacteria can start attacking the heart before doctors realize what’s... Read more »

Deer Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Can Survive In Freezing Winters, Say Researchers

Even though Mainers went through a harsh and long winter this year, researchers have discovered that the deer ticks that carry Lyme disease have no problem with enduring the freezing temperatures. This... Read more »

Deer Ticks Found at Ojibway Prairie Complex. Do They Carry Lyme Disease?

Warm temperatures also bring to life ticks and with ticks Lyme disease is only a bite away. While our intention is not to strike fear among the people that enjoy taking a... Read more »