Alien Life on Mars Might Be Hiding Deep Underground, Scientists Claim

Humans have been searching for alien life signs in various places in the Universe, including the Red Planet, Mars. Even though NASA’s research programs haven’t been able to find any evidence of... Read more »

Conspiracy Theorist Claims To Have Found Proof Of Life On Mars

Ever since Giovanni Schiaparelli observed Mars in 1877, humans have been desperately trying to find proof of extraterrestrial life on the red planet. Elements that added to the speculations include the similarities... Read more »

Scientists Found Bacteria in A Meteorite From Mars – Was There Life on Mars?

A new study claims that bacteria traces found in a Martian meteor prove that life could survive on Mars. In 1996, NASA released a similar study, which noted that strands of bacteria... Read more »

Life on Mars Might Have Existed In The Past As The Martian Atmosphere Was Habitable

Mars could have had some key ingredients for life produced thanks to some asteroid impacts on ancient Mars, according to a new study. If that happened, a lot of hydrogen entered the... Read more »

Alien Life Has Just Been Discovered On Mars

Humanity has been searching for life on the Red Planet for hundreds of years, and now it seems that a breakthrough discovery has just been made. Ever since astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli looked... Read more »

Life on Mars Possible, ESA Is Building a Mars Rover to Search for Proof

The future European Space Agency mission in terms of searching for proof of life in space will focus on Mars. They’ve built a prototype of a rover, and scientists believe it will... Read more »

Life On Mars Might Thrive In The Salty Lakes Underneath Martian Glaciers

The growing evidence of the presence of salty lakes underneath Martian glaciers raise hopes that, finally, life on Mars might be found. According to the latest hypothesis, those briny waters on the... Read more »

Is There Organic Life In the Salty Subterranean Lake On Mars?

New evidence found that Mars has a glacier, which might hide a salty lake underneath. But now a new question arises: would something live under that frozen brine? John E. Hallsworth, a... Read more »

NASA Destroyed By Accident Proof of Life in Martian Soil Samples 40 Years Ago

NASA’s recent discoveries of organic molecules on Mars might be old news if we’re to talk about a recent study published in the New Scientist. The study found that NASA might have... Read more »

Odds of Life on Mars Boosted: Scientists Analyzed the Crust of a Martian Meteorite

Researchers published a new study on 27 June, showing that the crust that surrounds Mars could have made life on Mars possible. The crust encased the Red Planet 100 million years earlier... Read more »