Alien Life On Exoplanets Might Breathe Phosphine, A Gas Toxic To Life On Earth

In recent years, researchers concluded that the existence of a particular gas which is toxic to life on Earth could indicate the presence of alien life in the universe. The gas in... Read more »

Comets Had An Essential Role In Bringing Water on Earth

According to new research, scientists hypothesized that water on Earth emerged thanks to comets that brought it here from deep space billions of years ago. Accordingly, without comets and the water they... Read more »

Ancient Fungi Might Have Played an Essential Role in the Formation of Complex Life on Earth

Fungi are susceptible to the environment in which they live, and the chance to find fungi fossils is scarce. The recent discovery of a new fossil has changed what researchers think about... Read more »

Ancient Worm Tunnels Of 500 Million Years Old Discovered in Canada

The researchers from the University of Saskatchewan discovered a series of ancient worm tunnels in Canada, on the sea bed, of 500 million years old, dating back from the Cambrian era. The... Read more »

Lightning Phenomena Protect Life on Earth, A New Study Suggests

Surprisingly, the lightning phenomena, commonly feared by humans and animals, as well, is now deemed as a beneficial thing for life on Earth. A recent study discovered that the electromagnetic field produced... Read more »

Ancient Microbial Metabolism Research Revealed That Life on Earth Thrived 3.5 Billion Years Ago

The science already explained that about 3.5 billion years ago there was life on Earth, but nobody knew exactly how it was like and how many living things were on Earth in... Read more »

Chicken Bones Represent A Unique Fingerprint Of Our Time

In a new study, researchers found that abundant chicken consumption and the weird skeletons of modern chickens will form a unique fingerprint of our time, leaving traces of the Anthropocene era for millions of... Read more »

Life On Earth Might Have Formed After The Giant Planet Theia Collided With Our World

According to a new study carried out by the scientists from the University of Bristol, life on Earth flourished after a giant planet known as Theia collided with our world. Even more,... Read more »

Jupiter Might Be The Reason For Life On Earth

Some scientists believe that Jupiter might be the reason for life on Earth. However, is that accurate? Should we be thankful for the gas giant planet of our solar system? What the... Read more »