Pink Salmon Is Another Potential Threat To Orcas, Scientists Agree

Besides dams, pollution and vessel noise, already identified as threats to the Northwest Pacific killer whales, scientists determined that pink salmon is also endangering the orcas. Four salmon researchers made this finding after... Read more »

PBCs and Mercury Threaten the Arctic, Shows Report

Mercury and other contaminants still threaten polar bears and whales, shows a new summary on toxins from the Arctic. In addition to these threats, the study for the Arctic Council found that... Read more »

Is it Possible that Killer Whales Hunt now like Mosasaurs Did a Long Time Ago?

A theory coming from Takuya Konishi, a biology professor from the University of Cincinnati, proposes that mosasaurs subdued prey by ramming them with their bony snouts. This idea popped into his head... Read more »