Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, Is Covered In Salt, And That’s Significant

Europa is one of Jupiter’s biggest moon, and it has picked the interest of a large number of researchers in recent times. A massive salty ocean can be found beneath the surface,... Read more »

Solar Winds Heat Jupiter’s Atmosphere And Cause Spectaculous Auroras

The new telescope observations that are based on Earth show that the auroras at the poles of Jupiter heat Jupiter’s atmosphere, making it warmer than it was previously supposed, as a rapid... Read more »

Moons Of Jupiter and Saturn Present Earth-Like Tidal Waves

Scientists made new measurements and found out that Europa and Enceladus, two moons of Jupiter and Saturn, respectively, might have powerful Earth-like tidal waves. As these two moons have thick ice sheets... Read more »

Juno Captures Impressive Pictures of Jupiter

NASA recently published a photo of Jupiter that became viral on social networks. The photo was taken by Juno, a probe that is orbiting Jupiter in order to collect more information about... Read more »

Juno Spacecraft Reveals Extraordinary Anticyclonic Storm On Jupiter

The Juno Spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since back in July 2016. The probe is carrying a lot of scientific instruments and also a camera which allows NASA scientists to find out... Read more »

Jupiter’s Moon Europa’s Surface Is Covered With Massive Spikes Of Ice

It looks like Jupiter’s moon, Europa together with its subsurface ocean may have what it needs to foster alien life, says Gizmodo. Latest research suggested that it would not be so easy... Read more »

Elusive “Brown Barge” Of Jupiter Finally Captured by NASA’s Juno

A very long and brownish oval on Jupiter, known as the “Brown Barge,” appeared right in front of NASA’s Juno in the Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt. The US space agency’s probe was... Read more »

Jupiter’s Magnetic Field Is “Nothing Like We Expected,” Said Planetary Scientists

What makes Jupiter so special? It turns out that NASA’s Juno spacecraft found a peculiar detail that sets this planet apart from all other known planets. Jupiter’s magnetic field is peculiar, writes... Read more »

Huge Red Spot On Jupiter Might Hold The Answer to an Amazing Secret

What does the Great Red Spot on Jupiter hide? Scientists believe it could be something they’ve been looking for a long time: water. NASA’s information on Jupiter is that the largest planet... Read more »

The Sturgeon Moon versus Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn

On 26 of August, the full moon or Sturgeon Moon will not be the only star of the show as Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will also be present on the... Read more »