Elusive “Brown Barge” Of Jupiter Finally Captured by NASA’s Juno

A very long and brownish oval on Jupiter, known as the “Brown Barge,” appeared right in front of NASA’s Juno in the Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt. The US space agency’s probe was... Read more »

Jupiter’s Magnetic Field Is “Nothing Like We Expected,” Said Planetary Scientists

What makes Jupiter so special? It turns out that NASA’s Juno spacecraft found a peculiar detail that sets this planet apart from all other known planets. Jupiter’s magnetic field is peculiar, writes... Read more »

Huge Red Spot On Jupiter Might Hold The Answer to an Amazing Secret

What does the Great Red Spot on Jupiter hide? Scientists believe it could be something they’ve been looking for a long time: water. NASA’s information on Jupiter is that the largest planet... Read more »

The Sturgeon Moon versus Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn

On 26 of August, the full moon or Sturgeon Moon will not be the only star of the show as Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will also be present on the... Read more »

Is it Possible that we Owe our Existence to Jupiter?

It is completely safe to say that our solar system is unique. Scientists haven’t managed to come across any other life-supporting ones, so far. Apparently, we owe it all to a rogue... Read more »

Jupiter Might Be The Reason For Life On Earth

Some scientists believe that Jupiter might be the reason for life on Earth. However, is that accurate? Should we be thankful for the gas giant planet of our solar system? What the... Read more »

The Mysterious Color Patterns on Jupiter are Finally Explained

The unusual swirls of colors on Jupiter have long been a subject of our curiosity and the scientists have been trying to solve their mystery for decades. However, with a new study... Read more »

NASA Believes Jupiter’s Moon Europa Might Hide Alien Life Just Three Centimeters Under Its Surface

A new study shows that there’s a high possibility that right under the surface of Europe, there might be traces of alien life. Until now, scientists had high hopes that Europa could... Read more »

Astronomers have just Discovered 10 New Moons for Jupiter

Based on a recent announcement made by astronomers, Jupiter’s list of moons just got bigger, as 10 additional moons belonging to the giant gas planet were discovered. This means that the planet... Read more »

Jupiter’s Environment: Details from NASA Spacecraft

Around twenty years before, in the year 1996, the most prominent moon of Jupiter known as Ganymede astounded the researchers when the cosmologists got the chance to discover that it is the... Read more »