Mars 2020 Rover Will Send Audio and Video Data from Mars

There’s still a few years until NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover will get to Mars, but we’re all excited to get some videos and sounds from Mars! In February 2021, the rover will... Read more »

NASA Gets The First Image of Mars From Its Two CubeSats: EVE and Wall-E

EVE and Wall-E are the only CubeSats that have ever traveled to Mars. On 22 October, NASA has posted the first image of the Red Planet from the MarCO mission which is... Read more »

Curiosity Selfie Shows Its Dust-Covered Body and the Dark Skies, While Opportunity Is Still Sleeping

After the massive Martian storm, NASA’s Curiosity rover continued its work and collected more samples from the surface. Two weeks after the storm started to clear, the rover collected a rock sample... Read more »

Huge Red Spot On Jupiter Might Hold The Answer to an Amazing Secret

What does the Great Red Spot on Jupiter hide? Scientists believe it could be something they’ve been looking for a long time: water. NASA’s information on Jupiter is that the largest planet... Read more »

NASA Opportunity Rover Just Got a Survival Deadline on Mars – What Does That Mean?

On 30 August, NASA had a grim announcement to make about recovering the silent rover on Mars. After fighting the dust storm that wrapped the entire Red Planet, the rover hasn’t sent... Read more »

“Are We Alone?” Asks an Exoplanet Scientist at NASA

In just ten years, scientists have discovered thousands of exoplanets, learning that there are many worlds in our galaxy, but are they able to host life? And if they are, could we... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Found ‘Building Blocks for Life’ on the Red Planet

We’ve talked about that important announcement NASA said they’ll make on 7 June. If you haven’t watched the streamed event, then here’s a summary of what they stated. Mars Curiosity Rover found... Read more »