Climate Change Also Makes Earth Wobble When it Spins, Say NASA Scientists

The Earth spins around its axis, and the rotation is what causes our 24-hour day. But what you probably didn’t know is that the Earth doesn’t have a smooth rotation. It’s a... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Found ‘Building Blocks for Life’ on the Red Planet

We’ve talked about that important announcement NASA said they’ll make on 7 June. If you haven’t watched the streamed event, then here’s a summary of what they stated. Mars Curiosity Rover found... Read more »

NASA’s Major Announcement on Mars Rover Curiosity Discovery Will Be Revealed Tomorrow!

NASA has announced that Mars rover Curiosity made an amazing discovery on Mars. They will share the news with the world tomorrow at 6 pm GMT. As for what they will reveal,... Read more »

Earth is a Desert Compared to Planets and Moons in the Solar System

We might think that our planet is soaked, but compared to other places in the solar system, it’s quite dry! Looking at the size of the moons or planets in our solar... Read more »

NASA Will Have a Helicopter Hitch a Ride on the Next Mars Rover 2020 Mission

NASA is really going to send a helicopter to Mars! The helicopter will prove whether air vehicles are viable or not on Mars. The agency will send the helicopter in the Mars... Read more »