NASA Reveals The First Fruit To Be Grown On The ISS

If things go according to the plan, this November the ISS is about to get spicy. Experts are planning to send Española chili pepper plants (Capsicum annuum). If this happens, it could... Read more »

The Safety Of The International Space Station Is In “Terrible” Danger, NASA Says

The ISS seems to be in grave danger after India destroyed a satellite during the past week. NASA called the destruction of this satellite a “terrible, terrible thing.” Also, the space agency... Read more »

Superbugs Have Colonized The International Space Station, But A Solution Emerged

When astronauts go to space, they leave a lot of things behind, but not bacteria. It’s already a fact that extreme spaceflight conditions can force such bacteria to become more resistant and... Read more »

SpaceX Launched The Crew Dragon Capsule Towards ISS

The Crew Dragon capsule, aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida owned by NASA, on schedule at 2:49 AM, on Saturday. No human crew was... Read more »

The ISS Leak Issue Is Far From Over: It Might Have Damaged More Than the Hull

If you thought that the mystery of the hole in the Russian capsule on the International Space Station was solved, think again. As the crew on board and the officials on Earth... Read more »

Astronauts On The ISS Revealed How Hurricane Florence Looks Like From Earth’s Orbit

Astronauts on the ISS captured, from the Earth’s orbit, the Hurricane Florence as its ravaging the Atlantic Ocean as its heading towards the US Eastern Coast. The European Space Agency’s astronaut, the German... Read more »

“Sabotage” Theory about the Hole on the ISS: Authorities React to the Russian Media’s Claims

The 2-millimeter hole that caused pressure leak in the International Space Station might have been fixed, but it still causes a lot of pressure on both Russian and American space agencies and... Read more »

Russia Plans To Stop Flying US Astronauts to The ISS, Mounting Pressure on NASA

As the conditions between the United States and Russia are worsening day by day, and now the Russians plan on leaving NASA on the ground. More specifically, Russia plans to stop flying... Read more »

SpaceX Is Only 7 Months Away From Its First Crewed Test Flight

The United States aims to launch astronauts from American soil, once again, after a very long period during which the Russians had the control of such operations. And, in fact, the US... Read more »

The Russian Capsule from the International Space Station Has an Air Leak

On 30 August, the astronauts on board of the Russian capsule had to patch a small hole that let air leak from the Space Station. According to the space officials from NASA... Read more »