Massive Iceberg Will Soon Break Off Antarctica

The Brunt Ice Shelf was plagued for years by two cracks which have continued to grow and are now separated by a few miles. Researchers believe that a large-scale calving event may... Read more »

Huge Iceberg Might Break Off Antarctica

An iceberg which is twice as big as New York City may soon break free from an Antarctic ice shelf after a rift which appeared within the shelf began to grow at... Read more »

Residents Flee as Humongous Iceberg Looms over the Village

A 10 million tone iceberg, able to be seen from space, is headed toward a remote Greenland village. For their safety, citizens have moved to higher ground as in case of danger.... Read more »

Gigantic Iceberg Breaking In Greenland Has Devastating Results, Scientists Warn

New York University scientists captured a spectacular video of a massive iceberg breaking apart Greenland. Footage published by the university reveals an approximately 6.4-kilometre-long chunk of ice breaking off the Helheim Glacier. The... Read more »