NASA Reveals Incredible New Portrait of Jupiter, Showing Striking Colors [NASA Video]

NASA has just revealed a new photograph of Jupiter taken with the Hubble Space Telescope on June 27, 2019. The stunning image shows the Great Red Spot and the clouds that swirl... Read more »

Weird Galaxy Creeps Up On Milky Way – Fascinating Details Revealed

There’s an amazing photo that’s been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, and it shows Messier 90. This is a spiral galaxy that is situated at about 60 million light-years from our... Read more »

13 Billion Years Throwback: NASA Telescope Spots Unusual Galaxies From The Beginning Of The Universe

The astronomers who are analyzing the sky with NASA’s Spitzer telescope have been able to look back to the early universe 13 billion years in the past. The telescope was able to... Read more »

Mysterious Galactic “Jellyfish” Spotted By NASA In Space

Jellyfish have been on our planet for about 500 million years and now, it seems that the NASA space agency has its very own jellyfish in space. No, it’s not some sci-fi... Read more »

Amazing Pictures of Elusive Nebula Captured by Hubble

As an aspiring stargazer, you may believe that NASA and the astronomy community can observe anything they want. The truth is that space is immense, on a scale so large that we... Read more »

Ultrahot Jupiters Have Stellar Atmospheres That Destroy Water

NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer House telescopes have revealed interesting information on ultrahot planets, and physicists are stunned to find out the reason behind the missing water on these giants’ surfaces. The planets... Read more »

Gaia and Hubble have Provided New Data about How Fast the Universe is Expanding

Just recently we have learned that the universe is expanding at two different rates, based on some new data collected from both the Gaia space observatory, belonging to the European Space Agency,... Read more »

Hubble and Gaia’s New Data Changes the Way We Understand the Universe

We know that the universe keeps expanding, but it wasn’t that easy to measure the rate of expansion – meaning the calculations could be off track. And they were, according to NASA... Read more »

NASA Delays James Webb Telescope Until 2021, But Officials Say It’s “Worth the Wait”

The world has been eagerly waited for NASA to launch the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) ever since NASA planned for it in the late Nineties, in a mission to replace the... Read more »

‘Pillars Of Creation’ Have Magnetic Fields, Showing Scientists How Stars Form

Scientists found out how stars form by looking closely into the famous Pillars of Creation. The iconic images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1995 is in the top 10... Read more »