Ancient Humans Interbred With Homo Sapiens In Asia, A 160,000-Year-Old Tooth Revealed

Recently, a 160,000-year-old tooth considered to have belonged to an ancient humans species has been brought to light in China. A study has been made in order to determine its connection with... Read more »

Scientists Have a New Theory for Why Only The Homo Sapiens Survived

It’s a proven fact that humans adapt, but how did homo sapiens thrive and remain the only humans on Earth? Scientists believe that their ability to be a “general specialist” helped them... Read more »

Our Ancient Ancestors Hunted Big Mammals To Extinction, New Study Says

How did Earth lose its huge mammals, you’d ask yourself? A new study has answered to this mystery, and it seems that we’re to blame. Well, it wasn’t us who did it,... Read more »