Anti-cancer Immunotherapy Might Be Useful Against HIV, Too

New research conducted by the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) revealed a surprising fact. Namely, scientists just found out that anti-cancer immunotherapy might also be useful against HIV. New research conducted... Read more »

Neanderthals Made Humans Resistant Against Flu, Hepatitis

Researchers at the Universities of Arizona and Stanford published a study in the journal Cell, according to which the breeding of early humans with Neanderthals resulted in creating offspring resistant to dangerous... Read more »

B.C. Experts Find Various Strains Of HIV “Time Bombs” In A Latent State In Cells

We may be one step closer to cure HIV. The latest study confirms that the latent HIV reservoir is genetically diverse and it can include viral strains that are dating back to... Read more »

The Common Aspirin Could Help Prevent HIV

The Aspirin is an affordable pill that can be found all over the world. But how can it prevent transmission of HIV? Scientists from the University of Manitoba in Canada tested the... Read more »

HIV Can Happen a Lot More Since the Federal Fundings Shift Away from Health Organizations

There’s a possibility that HIV rates will rise because of the shift in the federal funding that goes towards the prevention of it instead of the support and treatment of it. Gary... Read more »

GMO Rice To Neutralize HIV: How Does It Work?

Scientists from the US, UK, and Spain have found a way to manage HIV symptoms with genetically modified rice. Their study was published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of... Read more »

Teacher Inspires Former Student to Write Books and Poems about HIV and gay Rights

Ray Condon was a dedicated teacher form Labrador City, but this is not what made him turn into a lasting memory from his students’ lives. His honesty, straightforwardness and the fact that... Read more »

Harvard Researchers’ HIV Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Human Trials

The fight against HIV continues, and the HIV vaccine developed by researchers at Harvard brings hope to medical professionals and people all over the world. The vaccine was tested on 393 people... Read more »

Chinese Researchers Create HIV Cure To Control The Virus and Eliminate Infected Cells

Researchers in China found a cure that can control the virus and eliminated the infected cells. Until now, they have seen positive results in HIV positive mice. If the results will be... Read more »

HIV Sexual Transmission Could Be Stopped With a Vaginal Implant

A new medical device could help protect women from HIV infection during sex. Scientists with the University of Waterloo have developed a new technology, creating a vaginal implant to reduce the risk... Read more »