Report Shows Nearly 48% US Adults Have a Form of Cardiovascular Disease

  A new report published on 31 January in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Circulation shows that almost half of the US adults have a form of cardiovascular disease, be it... Read more »

Flu Medications Might Cause Heart Disease

To combat coughs and sneezes during flu season it is very normal to buy flu medications, such as anti-inflammatory or decongestants, but this would not be recommended for some people. The American... Read more »

This Official Major Threat To World Health Is Unbelievably Ridiculous, But Real

What dangerous diseases could lurk around the world in 2019? The World Health Organization has a list with the biggest threat this year so far, and among the ones we already assumed... Read more »

Common Painkiller Diclofenac Increases Cardiovascular Risks By 50%

The common painkiller used to relieve back pain, sciatica or arthritis increases a patient’s risks of having a heart attack by 50%. These results were included in a Danish study which was... Read more »

Deep Forehead Wrinkles Hint To Potential Heart-Related Health Issues

We all know that wrinkles are an inevitable feature of the aging process, but it seems that we should be focusing on paying attention to them, instead of hiding them. Latest research... Read more »

Men At Higher Risk of Early Death Due to Work Stress

Researchers found that stressful jobs impact more men than women. The risk of early death in men with heart problems or diabetes is increased, add the study authors. The study was recently... Read more »

Lyme Disease Can Cause Rare Complications, Attacking the Heart, Says Ontario Doctor

A Cardiologist in Kingston, Ontario warns health care professionals in Canada to be aware of a serious complication of Lyme disease. The bacteria can start attacking the heart before doctors realize what’s... Read more »

Researchers Discovered A Way to Fight the ‘Newfoundland Curse’

Researchers at the Memorial University in St. John’s just won the Governor General’s Innovation Award, after discovering a treatment that can save hundreds of lives. Dubbed as the ‘Newfoundland Curse,’ the condition... Read more »

A Broken Heart Can Actually Kill You, Study Says

The saying ‘dying of a broken heart’ is true, according to a new study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. We might have heard many tragedies of people dying after losing someone they... Read more »

Too Much Fat on The Belly Increases Cardiovascular Disease, Researchers Say

Being a little overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, but a new research presented on 20 April at the European Society for Cardiology shows that it’s also important where that... Read more »