Report Shows Nearly 48% US Adults Have a Form of Cardiovascular Disease

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Eating With Friends Could Help You Lose Weight, Says Science

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Best Diets in 2019, According to Scientists

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Remove Carbs Instead of Calories for a Healthy Diet

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Expert Says “Male Menopause” Hits Men Earlier Than Previously Believed

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Probiotics Not Necessarily Good in Keeping a Healthy Gut, Find New Studies

Research published this week shows that over-the-counter probiotics don’t usually work, and in some cases, it can even do harm. Probiotics have been considered to be “good bacteria” we find in food... Read more »

Diet Influences Cellular Aging In Women, A New Study Revealed

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Scientists Say Eat ‘Everything In Moderation’: Is There a Right Amount Of Carbs?

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Research Shows Keto Diet May Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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A Healthy Diet can Prevent Diseases more Efficiently than a Multivitamin Complex

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