Last Measles Infection in Vancouver Shows How Important Is to Get Vaccinated

On 14 September, Vancouver Coastal Health’s medical health officer stated that there is a person infected with measles, even though they were vaccinated. However, it seems that the individual only received a... Read more »

Health Canada Recalls Eight More Blood Pressure Medication

According to Health Canada, the recall of other eight valsartan medications has been issued over concerns that the drugs may contain an impurity that increases the risk of cancer. The agency stated... Read more »

Health Canada Recalls Heart and High Blood Pressure Drugs Containing Valsartan Due to Cancer Risk

A substance in valsartan than is found in some heart and high blood pressure drugs has been linked to cancer. Health Canada announced that the drugs were coming from China, from Zhejiang... Read more »

Health Canada Looking For Social Media Influencers For National Vaping Awareness Program

Health Canada is looking for someone who will develop, implement and report on a national vaping awareness program, and they’re also looking to find social media influencers. Teens are more willing to... Read more »

Saving the Bees: Health Canada Proposed to Phase Out Pesticides

Health Canada is set on phasing out common pesticides people use in the outdoors and on their crops. Recent studies have found that bees are affected by pesticides, but only in certain... Read more »

4-year-old ‘Growling Like a Dog’, B.C. Naturopath Treated Him With Rabid Dog Saliva

A concerned mother took her little boy to a naturopath to help her with the boy’s behavior. The boy was aggressive at school and you hide under tables and growl like a... Read more »