Asteroid Ryugu Suspicion Confirmed by Hayabusa-2 MASCOT Lander

Some C-class asteroids like the so-called asteroid Ryugu and many mone consist of more fragile and porous materials, as revealed by Hayabusa-2 MASCOT lander. As these small fragments enter the atmosphere, they... Read more »

Hayabusa-2 Completed Its Second Touchdown On Asteroid Ryugu

On 11th of July, a select spacecraft completed another touchdown operation on an asteroid. We are talking about the Hayabusa-2 space probe, and if you want to see it in action on... Read more »

Hayabusa-2 Landed On Asteroid​ Ryugu ​To Collect Rock Samples

Japan’s Hayabusa-2 rover has successfully made a smooth landing on the asteroid Ryugu’s surface. The prove landed at 21:06 ET, on Wednesday, July the 10th. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched... Read more »

Hayabusa 2 Prepares For A Touchdown On Asteroid Ryugu

The Hayabusa 2 mission will enter a new stage soon as the team prepares for another touchdown. The spacecraft landed on Asteroid Ryugu back in April when it used an explosive impactor... Read more »

Japanese Hayabusa-2 Spacecraft Tossed a Bomb at Asteroid Ryugu

This year a lot of incredible things had happened by now, a lot of discoveries have been made; we have even lived to see how a black hole looks like. But what... Read more »

Hayabusa-2’s Robotic Rovers Sent The First Images of Asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s space agency (JAXA) made a significant breakthrough after its asteroid-sampling space probe Hayabusa-2 successfully deployed two robotic explorers on the surface of the asteroid Ryugu. The small rovers will travel around the 1-km-wide... Read more »

Hayabusa2 Update: Two Mini-Robots Dropped Towards the Ryugu Asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) stated on Friday that their space probe Hayabusa2 was preparing to release two rovers that would explore the Ryugu Asteroid. These small robots will collect minerals... Read more »

Hayabusa-2 Set For Landing On The Asteroid Ryugu

JAXA, the Japanese space agency, has just scheduled the future phases of the Hayabusa-2 mission on asteroid Ryugu. The spacecraft reached its target in June after a journey of 3,5 years. JAXA... Read more »

The Hayabusa 2 Arrives Safely Close to Ryugu After Its 3.5-Year Journey

On 27 June, the Japanese spacecraft named Hayabusa 2 (‘peregrine falcon‘ in Japanese), arrived above the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu, which is 300 million kilometers away from Earth. It has traveled for three-and-a-half... Read more »

Hayabusa 2 Space Probe Approaches Asteroid Ryugu And Sends Home Detailed Images

The Hayabusa 2 space probe from Japan has now entered the final leg of its mission, which started four and a half years ago. It has completed a course adjustment, and it’s... Read more »