Dangerous CO2 Levels in Biodome Experiment Forces B.C Man to Give Up Early

A man from Vancouver Island has done an extreme demonstration of climate change and greenhouse gases by sealing himself in an airtight greenhouse and try to survive for three days with the... Read more »

University of Quebec Student To Develop a Tool To Reduce Environmental Impact of Industrial Parks

A student at the School of Higher Technology of the University of Quebec, Raul Arango Miranda, a Mexican, is developing a tool that reduces environmental impact and optimizes the performance of industrial parks... Read more »

Permafrost CO2 Leak Will Peak In The Next Few Decades, Shows NASA-funded Study

It’s a fact that the Arctic permafrost will gradually thaw because of climate change and the rise of greenhouse gas level to the atmosphere, but a NASA-funded study has some grim news.... Read more »

Report Shows Earth Risks Entering Irreversible “Hothouse” Conditions

To avoid the “hothouse” conditions, humans must do more than reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. The planet is close to reaching these conditions, and we’ll experience a rise in global temperatures by... Read more »

Canadian Researcher Finds Plastic Degrading in the Ocean Is a Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

They don’t just pile up on the beach. Plastics end up in the ocean and start slowly degrading and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. This was the discovery of a team of researchers... Read more »

Record Breaking Results As California Hits Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target Years Ahead Of Schedule

While the US left the Paris Climate Accord last year, good things still happen. Despite the controversial views the US administration currently has about green energy, progress is still being made by... Read more »