Arctic Lakes Release Less Carbon Than The Scientists Estimated

Due to global warming, the Arctic regions are heating up, and one outcome of that is the permafrost thawing. Permafrost is holding more than twice the carbon found in the atmosphere, and, as it... Read more »

Global Warming: Ice Sheet Meltdown To Trigger “Climate Chaos”

As we speak, Antarctica and Greenland are both melting down at an accelerated pace. Billions of tons of meltwater from these two regions would reach the world’s oceans. Despite the increasingly higher... Read more »

The Color Of Our Oceans Is Changing Due To Global Warming

It seems that, according to the latest research, the color of our oceans will be a deeper blue and green by 2100 due to climate change. Huffington Post writes that global warming... Read more »

Global Warming Increase the Strength of the Waves

It seems that global warming is even more dangerous than it was first thought. While many researchers worry about the rise of the sea level a team of scientist made a new... Read more »

The Global Warming could Kill most of the Life from Earth

Recent findings reveal some shocking news about the first mass extinction that happened on Earth. The Great Extinction took place 250 million years ago and it is dated approximately at the Permian... Read more »

Soil Warming Experiment: Experts Find Rare Giant Viruses Hidden In A US Forest’s Soils

Massachusetts hosts the world’s longest running soil-warming experiment which is measuring how hotter temperatures can impact the tiny life-forms that are living in the dirt. Considering the way in which the climate... Read more »

Small Plants in the Arctic Grow Taller As Climate Change Warms the Region

The Arctic has low-lying shrubs, but with the area warming up due to the climate change, the plants seem to have grown taller than usual. A study found that the plant species... Read more »

Climate Change Is Destroying East Antarctica’s Ancient Moss Beds

During Antarctica summer season, for a brief period, East Antarctica’s ancient moss beds emerge from ice and snow to grow, but now, according to a recent study, climate change is destroying them.... Read more »

New Study: Landslide Tsunamis are Caused by Global Warming

An Alaskan fjord was ripped through by a tsunami with a wave runup of almost 200 meters in 2015 proving to be the biggest ever documented. As it did not make victims,... Read more »

Improving Soil Quality Might Slow Down Global Warming

Considerable volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could be removed from the Earth’s atmosphere, slowing down global warming, by simply improving soil quality on farms and rangelands. At least, that’s the... Read more »