This Mineral Can Remove CO2 from Atmosphere. Scientists Can Easily Produce It in 72 Days

Magnesite can naturally store carbon dioxide, but it is a slow and long process. Scientists have discovered a new way of creating magnesite. If they can develop it on an industrial scale,... Read more »

By 2080 A Lot More People Will Die Because of Severe Heat Waves

A study analyzed how humans will adapt to the hotter temperature, and the results were not pretty. According to the paper led by researchers at the Monash University (published on 1 August... Read more »

Global Warming’s Consequences Are Intensifying And We Can’t Hide From Them, NASA says

Over the past few months, unfortunately, heat records have been broken all over the world. For instance, at the beginning of July, the temperature in Ouargla, Algeria, managed to reach 51.3 C,... Read more »

Scientists Say Killing Rats Could Save the Reefs

In a race to save one of the world’s most beautiful and complex ecosystems, scientists are looking for ways to approach this issue. Until now, the obvious culprits that killed the coral... Read more »

Scientists Could Save Corals If They Focus On Strengthening Their Immune System

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Recent Studies Show that the Global Warming’s Effects Could be far more Serious than we Thought

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Global Warming Could be Twice as Warm as Expected

In a recent study published in Nature Geoscience, a team of scientists from 17 countries suggests that global warming could be twice as warm as climate models predict, with sea levels expected... Read more »

Methane Emissions from Lakes Might Get Double in The Next 5 Decades

Freshwater lakes in the northern hemisphere could double methane emissions over the next five decades, says a new study. Scientists have discovered that lakes could be triggered by warmer water, increasing the... Read more »

Coral Reefs are More and More Affected by Global Warming

It comes as no surprise that global warming is having a great impact over nature, both species and natural habitats. If in forest global warming gets to manifest itself by changing temperatures,... Read more »

50% of the Great Barrier Reef is Dead Since 2016. What Happens When All Coral Reefs Die Off?

A new study published in the journal Nature shows that a third of the 3,863 reefs in the Great Barrier Reef has died off after a heat wave in 2016. One year... Read more »