Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario Urges Parents to Have Their Children Immunized

In a news release from the Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario, doctors have asked parents to include in their new year’s resolutions an important step: to get their children immunized. Immunization is free... Read more »

Flu Vaccine Loses Efficiency in a Matter of Weeks

While the US Center for Disease Control guidelines advises the administration of the flu vaccine before October ends, a recently published study notes that vaccine efficacy may start to drop in a... Read more »

St. Louis University Will Pay You to Get Sick, Giving You a Room In their “Hotel Influenza”

If you were thinking of getting 10 or 12 days off from work and get some extra money or a nice hotel room, then look for nothing else than the ‘Hotel Influenza.’... Read more »

Viagra and a Flu Vaccine Could Help Fight Against Cancer

A new research conducted by the Ottawa Hospital discovered a new treatment for cancer after the surgery. A combination of common treatments can help the immune system to fight against cancer cells... Read more »