Warning from FDA about Fecal Transplant with Drug-Resistant Bacteria

After the subsequent death of a patient that received a fecal transplant, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns about the drug-resistant bacteria. The fecal transplant is a frequent treat for Clostridium... Read more »

Young Blood Miracle Treatment: FDA Issues Forceful Warning Against Unproven Anti-Aging Transfusions

These days you have to be very careful who you believe when it comes to “miracle” treatments because the market is full of scams. Fighting aging and disease with scamming “treatments” The Food and... Read more »

FDA Advises Parents to Stop Using Necklaces and Bracelets as Teething Remedies

No child would ever remember the pain they went through when teeth were coming out, but most parents won’t ever forget this experience. The baby is going through a lot of pain... Read more »

FDA-Approved Tick & Flea Treatment Can Trigger Seizures In Pets, Report Health Officials

Pet owners should be high attention because health officials are warning them and veterinarians as well. It seems that certain flea and tick medications can trigger seizures and more neurological effects in cats... Read more »

Recalled Heart Drug Found with yet Another Impurity by the FDA

Another unpredicted impurity has been found by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in three batches of the recalled valsartan drug, which belongs to Torrent Pharmaceuticals. There are certain pills that... Read more »

Is Grain-Free Food Healthy For Your Dog? FDA Warns It May Be Linked to Heart Disease

According to the latest U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), grain-free dog food could increase the risk of heart disease. After some cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) were linked to the food,... Read more »

Tafenoquine Approved by FDA as a New Malaria Drug

The newest drug for treating malaria has been approved by authorities from the US, which was made especially for recurring malaria. 8.5 million of people got sick each year, an infection caused... Read more »

FDA Issues Recall for Blood Pressure and Heart Failure Medication

High blood pressure and heart failure can be treated with several drugs. However, many of them are on the list of those which represent a risk of cancer. The U.S. Food and... Read more »

The First Drug to Treat Smallpox Approved by the FDA: They’ll Use It In Case of Terror Attack

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug to treat smallpox in case the deadly virus is used in a terror attack. The disease was eradicated worldwide four decades ago... Read more »

U.S. FDA Approved The First Prescription Drug From Marijuana

The U.S. FDA approved on Monday the first prescription drug that is made from marijuana. The drug is called Epidiolex, and it can treat two forms of epilepsy that begin in early... Read more »