Exoplanets Internal Structure Plays An Essential Role In Their Habitability

The primary criteria for finding a habitable exoplanet or moon are its position in its solar system, the type of the host star, the pattern of the orbit, the size and rockiness... Read more »

Scientists Found Two Exoplanets Similar to Earth 12.5 Light Years Away

A discovery is making the astronomers think that they found two Earth-like planets. The two planets are in our Galaxy, and they appear similar to Earth. Astronomers have placed these planets on... Read more »

Alien Life Might Be More Prevalent As Many Exoplanets Might Have Oceans Of Liquid Water

There is now enough evidence to turn scientists into believing that an ocean on Pluto might not actually be frozen as it was believed up until this point, but rather embedded under... Read more »

Kepler Space Telescope Ended Its Exoplanet Hunt, Not Before Sending The Last Set of Data To Earth

After about ten years during which Kepler Space Telescope, the most successful exoplanet hunter at the moment, discovered thousands of distant planets using the transient method, the spacecraft ended its mission and... Read more »

New Planet Found By Citizen Team of Volunteer Astronomers

The Kepler Space Telescope is sleeping and not expected to wake up since it’s out of fuel. However, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or as we all know it – TESS, is... Read more »

The Newest Planet Hunter Found Two Possible Exoplanets

The leader of the TESS mission, MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager had an exciting announcement. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has successfully started its operations and already found two new exoplanet candidates,... Read more »

NASA’s Kepler Just Woke Up, Ready to Hunt For More Planets

Guess who’s up and running again? NASA has announced on 5 September that their old planet-hunting spacecraft, Kepler, is now awake from its hibernation and sessions of repair, ready to scan the... Read more »

Study Shows There Are Many ‘Water Worlds’ Outside Our Solar System

A study which analyzed data from the Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia mission shows that there are many exoplanets bigger than Earth that have a vast amount of water. This discovery... Read more »

Ultrahot Jupiters Have Stellar Atmospheres That Destroy Water

NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer House telescopes have revealed interesting information on ultrahot planets, and physicists are stunned to find out the reason behind the missing water on these giants’ surfaces. The planets... Read more »

NASA’s Planet Hunter TESS Already Photographed a Passing Comet

The new space telescope TESS has started its job a few days ago and while preparing to scan for planets outside our solar system, it spotted a comet passing by. It was... Read more »