ESA Hopes To Find Alien Life On Mars With ExoMars’ Alien-Hunting Camera System

All the explorers and scientists out there seem to have only one true mission: to never cease the searching for any form of alien life on Mars and other outer space areas.... Read more »

ESA’s ExoMars Parachute Test Failure Might Postpone The Mission To Mars

ExoMars is a joint mission between the European Space Agency (also known as ESA) and the Russian Space Agency, intending to send a rover on the surface of Mars. In recent months... Read more »

The ExoMars Rover Is Set To Land On Mars, Drilling Into The Surface To Hunt For Life Signs

The ExoMars rover will be landing on Mars sometime in 2020. Oxia Planum is a flat plain rich in iron-magnesium clays, and this seems to be the first choice of the mission’s... Read more »