NASA Breakthrough Revealed: New Mission To Jupiter’s Moon, Europa To Search For ET Life

NASA unveils some pretty ambitious plans to send a probe to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The goal is to search for alien life. The NASA space agency reveals this mission to Europa which,... Read more »

Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, Is Covered In Salt, And That’s Significant

Europa is one of Jupiter’s biggest moon, and it has picked the interest of a large number of researchers in recent times. A massive salty ocean can be found beneath the surface,... Read more »

Alien Life: Icy Moons Might Be Dead On The Inside

For dozens of years, icy moons such as Europa of Jupiter and Saturn’s Enceladus have been the ideal candidates for alien life. Both these moons, among others in the Solar System and... Read more »

Moons Of Jupiter and Saturn Present Earth-Like Tidal Waves

Scientists made new measurements and found out that Europa and Enceladus, two moons of Jupiter and Saturn, respectively, might have powerful Earth-like tidal waves. As these two moons have thick ice sheets... Read more »

Nuclear-Powered “TunnelBot” To Search For Aliens On Europa

The search for extraterrestrial life forms within our Solar System has directed astronomers to focus on the icy moon of the big planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. Europa, in particular, is... Read more »

Jupiter’s Moon Europa’s Surface Is Covered With Massive Spikes Of Ice

It looks like Jupiter’s moon, Europa together with its subsurface ocean may have what it needs to foster alien life, says Gizmodo. Latest research suggested that it would not be so easy... Read more »

Life May Exist on Europa Under Layers of Ice

While speculations that life may exist on other planets in our solar system, Europa seems to be the prime candidate according to evidence collected about Jupiter and its moons. Following a new... Read more »

Key Information Discovered in the Radiation Maps of Jupiter’s Moon Europa

In their search for signs of habitability and biosignatures, scientists have drawn up a new more comprehensive map of the radiations bombarding Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and they understand better now where... Read more »

NASA Believes Jupiter’s Moon Europa Might Hide Alien Life Just Three Centimeters Under Its Surface

A new study shows that there’s a high possibility that right under the surface of Europe, there might be traces of alien life. Until now, scientists had high hopes that Europa could... Read more »

Earth is a Desert Compared to Planets and Moons in the Solar System

We might think that our planet is soaked, but compared to other places in the solar system, it’s quite dry! Looking at the size of the moons or planets in our solar... Read more »