ESA Spotted Churyumoon, The Companion Of Comet 67

Churyumoon is the latest discovery of the European Space Agency (ESA). The orbiting object makes quite an impression being Comet 67’s old, unobserved until now, companion. More about Churyumoon we are going... Read more »

ESA’s ExoMars Parachute Test Failure Might Postpone The Mission To Mars

ExoMars is a joint mission between the European Space Agency (also known as ESA) and the Russian Space Agency, intending to send a rover on the surface of Mars. In recent months... Read more »

Asteroid Urgent Warning: The European Space Agency (ESA) Speaks

The whole media is talking about various asteroid warnings these days. Some news involves NASA, and other pieces of information are coming like a blast from the past, and here we are... Read more »

Mars Missions – NASA, ESA, China, and the UAE To Launch Space Probes To The Red Planet in 2020

Space exploration is in full swing. Space agencies all over the world work tirelessly to send rovers to the moon in preparation for crewed missions to Earth’s natural satellite. After that, it... Read more »

NASA and ESA Are Working on Strategies for the Gateway Lunar Outpost

NASA and ESA have been hard at work in the recent months, and the two agencies have created a new strategy for the lunar Gateway project which focuses on the trajectory that... Read more »

ESA’s Gaia Is Working Hard To Map The Entire Milky Way Galaxy

The batch of data sent by Gaia in 2018 offered a large amount of new information which changed many fields of astronomy. It allowed researchers to create a complex catalog which highlights... Read more »

Mesmerizing Dust Storms Captured by ESA’s Mars Express​​

Mars’ dust storms are labeled as one of the most massive Martian phenomena, and an event the broad public knows about. Sometimes, those storms are so powerful that covers the entire planet,... Read more »

ESA Conducts An Anti-Aging Nanoparticles Experiment Aboard The ISS

An anti-aging European Space Agency experiment that reached the International Space Station (ISS) will focus on nanoparticles as a method to remove free radicals from the human body. This procedure could obstruct... Read more »

Meet ESA’s “Rosalind Franklin” Mars Rover That Would Soon Search For Alien Life On Mars

In the memory of the DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin, the UK-made ESA’s Mars Rover that would soon search for alien life on Mars would bear her name. The name was picked from... Read more »

Flashes of Light Are Coming From The Moon Once Every Few Hours

If you observe the lunar surface in slow-motion, you’d also see some mysterious flashes of light coming from the Moon once every few hours. Before you think extraterrestrials generate these lights, I... Read more »