Ocean Warming Intensified The Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2017

According to a recent study, the three monster hurricanes that hit America in 2017 a Category 4 intensity obtained their strength due to ocean warming which surged the temperatures of the water... Read more »

A Bubbling Lake In Alaska Signals For Something Very Concerning

Global warming is changing the environment of the northernmost parts of the world, and that includes Alaska where scientists found a bubbling lake that signals for something very concerning. The Alaskan body of... Read more »

University of Quebec Student To Develop a Tool To Reduce Environmental Impact of Industrial Parks

A student at the School of Higher Technology of the University of Quebec, Raul Arango Miranda, a Mexican, is developing a tool that reduces environmental impact and optimizes the performance of industrial parks... Read more »

Climate Change Is Destroying East Antarctica’s Ancient Moss Beds

During Antarctica summer season, for a brief period, East Antarctica’s ancient moss beds emerge from ice and snow to grow, but now, according to a recent study, climate change is destroying them.... Read more »

Seabirds Found With Hundreds Of Plastic Pieces In Their Stomachs

The researchers studying the impact of debris on the world’s oceans found seabirds with more than 250 plastic pieces in their stomachs. That is yet another research to reveal how much is... Read more »

Rare Electric Blue Clouds Snapped During NASA PMC Turbo Mission

Only a couple of months after the NASA balloon, part of the PMC Turbo mission, was launched in the stratosphere to explore the rare polar mesospheric clouds (PMCs), the researchers started analyzing the... Read more »

Unparalleled Ice Loss in the Russian High Arctic Recorded in Vavilov Ice Cap

Over the last few years, the Vavilov Ice Cap in the Russian High Arctic accelerated at a tremendous rate hitting its peak in 2015 when it slid by 82 feet (roughly 25 meters). A recent... Read more »

A Giant Spider-Web Covers An Entire Shoreline In Aitoliko, Greece

The warmer climate conditions in western Greece have led to a bizarre phenomenon. Namely, a spectacular 300m-long spider-web covers an entire shoreline in Aitoliko, Greece. However, the strange occurrence is not unusual for scientists.... Read more »

Over 100 Scientists Used Fungi To Decompose Plastic and Clean Up Radioactive Material

Scientists at Kew Gardens and more than 100 other experts from 18 countries have teamed up to find a way and win the war on plastic and pollution. According to other previous... Read more »

Experts Advise Consumers to Throw Away Contact Lenses Only in the Garbage

Researchers at Arizona State University warn that throwing away contact lenses down the drain or in the toilet is adding to the pollution of water. Their advice is to throw them away... Read more »