A Giant Spider-Web Covers An Entire Shoreline In Aitoliko, Greece

The warmer climate conditions in western Greece have led to a bizarre phenomenon. Namely, a spectacular 300m-long spider-web covers an entire shoreline in Aitoliko, Greece. However, the strange occurrence is not unusual for scientists.... Read more »

Over 100 Scientists Used Fungi To Decompose Plastic and Clean Up Radioactive Material

Scientists at Kew Gardens and more than 100 other experts from 18 countries have teamed up to find a way and win the war on plastic and pollution. According to other previous... Read more »

Experts Advise Consumers to Throw Away Contact Lenses Only in the Garbage

Researchers at Arizona State University warn that throwing away contact lenses down the drain or in the toilet is adding to the pollution of water. Their advice is to throw them away... Read more »

A Tiny Water Fern Could Positively Impact Our Environment

A very small fern that grows in water could help lower the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fix nitrogen in agriculture and even keep insects away from crops. Scientists at the Boyce... Read more »

University of Windsor Student Launches Compost Company to Deal With Organic Waste

By 2025, the provincial government will have every city get green bin recycling, meaning that they will have to offer the collection of organic waste, as they do now for bottles or... Read more »

Pilot Whale Dies In Thailand After Eating Over 80 Plastic Bags

In Southern Thailand, close to the border with Malaysia, a small male pilot whale was discovered in a canal. It was barely alive, according to Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources... Read more »

2-Million-Years-Old Teeth Discovered Inside African Cave Shines New Light on Africa’s Past Environment

Anthropologists at the University of Toronto (U of T) have conducted new research at the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. They discovered that two million years ago, southern Africa was a lot... Read more »

The European Union Plans to Ban Single-Use Plastic Products

A new ban has been proposed by the European Commission, aiming to reduce 70% of the garbage in the EU’s waters or beaches. They want to ban ten products which are single-use... Read more »

Environment Canada’s Special Weather Statement: The “First Heat Event” is Today

A new special weather statement has just been issued by Environment Canada. The citizen of Toronto will experience what is known as the “first heat event of the season.” The weather agency... Read more »

B.C Oysters Are Contaminated with Microplastics

A new study shows that the top region where oysters grow is polluted with microplastics. The study was conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University, and it recently appeared in the journal... Read more »