NASA’s Opportunity Rover Can’t be Contacted from the Earth

When you are trying to contact a rover, and it is asking for five more minutes of sleep, you are losing time on the way. NASA has lastly heard from the Opportunity... Read more »

Life Reportedly Needs A Sun Similar To Ours To Exist – Our Sun Is 30% Brighter Than It Was When Life Appeared On Earth

Our sun is the engine driving all the environment on Earth. All the energy we use, besides nuclear energy, comes from the sun, either now or in the past, stored in fossil fuels.... Read more »

Massive Asteroid Larger Than The Great Pyramid Of Giza Approaches Earth Next Week With Over 20,000 MPH – It’s Classified As “Potentially Hazardous”

Get ready for an exciting event that will take place during the next week. A massive asteroid that’s estimated to be double the size of a Boeing 747 is headed towards a... Read more »

Earth’s Geomagnetic Shift Could Be Imminent. Will It Threaten Humanity?

The Earth can change its magnetic poles. It has happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, and geophysicists believe that it should happen again – and sooner than they expected. The liquid... Read more »

The Hottest Exoplanet Ever Found Might Show Us The Fate Of Earth

Orbiting a star located in the Cygnus constellation at about 600 light years away from us, KELT-9b, a gas giant, is the hottest exoplanet ever found. The planet travels around an A-type main-sequence... Read more »

Earth Enters New Geological Age Named Meghalayan

According to the International Stratigraphy Commission (ISC) Earth has entered in a new Geological age: The Meghalayan, considered being the third and lasting since the Holocene era started almost twelve thousand years... Read more »

Spectacular Time-Lapse Video of Earth Taken by the ISS

An astonishing video footage showing the Earth from the International Space Station was recently posted on Twitter by astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. The speed of this incredible video... Read more »

Brightest Radio Signals to Ever Hit Earth Coming from a Distant Past

A new study was published in The Astrophysical Journal, revealing a quasar (P352-15) that emitted radio signals coming from a point in time when the universe was not older than one billion... Read more »

You Can Propose to Your Significant Other in Space

If both of you love stargazing and watching the sky, then what better way to propose to your significant other on your way to the moon? Starting with March 2022, you can... Read more »

Recent Findings Show that the Earth Holds More Water than we Thought

Recently, scientists have discovered an interesting fact about the water on Earth. It looks like it covers a much wider surface than we thought. The breakthrough was made thanks to the Global... Read more »