Ancient Galaxies Are Brighter Than Expected And Reveal More About The Early Universe

According to a new study, ancient galaxies are brighter than expected and can shed more light on the early Universe. NASA scientists used the Spitzer Space Telescope to study some of the... Read more »

Hubble Space Telescope Snapped Astonishing Images Of Quasars In The Early Universe

Despite facing some issues recently, the Hubble Space Telescope has managed to capture astonishing images of the brightest quasars in the early universe. In less than a billion of years after the... Read more »

The Brightest Quasar Ever Discovered, Spotted By Astronomers

A team of astronomers led by Xiaohui Fan of the University of Arizona identified the brightest quasar ever discovered. The fascinating space object originated in the early Universe, and its finding represents a key... Read more »

‘Missing’ Dark Matter From The Beginning of the Universe Found By Astronomers

Dark matter has been around for a long time, and even the galaxies that existed 10 billion years ago had almost as much dark matter as the galaxies that exist today. This... Read more »

Big Bang “Fossil” Hiding In Space, Spotted By Astronomers

The first stars that formed after Big Bang are gone by now, but their signature is still present in the deep Universe where so-called “fossil relics” of the earliest celestial bodies hide... Read more »

The South Pole Telescope Will Now Examine The Sound of The Early Universe

The cosmic microwave background radiation is the “sound” of the early Universe, and it persists since than puzzling scientists who struggle to understand it better and reveal its mysteries. Now, they might... Read more »

The Brightest Object in the Early Universe has just been Observed by Scientists

A new quasar has just been discovered by scientists, as they captured an extremely bright radio signal from the universe’s earliest days. A fast-moving material ejecting from the massive celestial object was... Read more »