E. Coli Outbreak Kills Five People, almost 200 Sick in the U.S. After Eating Romaine-Lettuce

In the US, tainted lettuce caused a national food poisoning outbreak, killing a total of five people. Health officials have stated that there are almost 200 other people sickened after consuming romaine... Read more »

Romaine Lettuce Is Safe to Eat Once Again from E. coli

E. coli-tainted lettuce was a significant problem recently after 172 people became sick in 32 states, and there has been one death. Therefore, for a while, people were advised to stay away from... Read more »

Are You Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Food? Here’s How It Can Make You Sick, Too

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One Single Foodborne Outbreak Has a Huge Impact On Restaurants, Study Shows

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have published their study in the journal Public Health Reports, after completing several computer simulations on foodborne illness outbreaks and their consequences... Read more »