This Fossil Shark Had Teeth Resembling a Spaceship

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A New Species of Dinosaurs was Discovered in South America

New discovery was made by a team of Spanish and Argentineans paleontologists. They dug in Neuquen in the centre of the South American country and found an adult and two juveniles of... Read more »

Scientists Discover New Species of Pterosaur – The 200-Million-Year Old Creature Was ‘Built for Flying’

On 13 August, scientists announced an exciting discovery: they found a new species of giant pterosaur. What was very special about this species is that their backbone was specially built for flying.... Read more »

Rewriting the History of Long-Necked Dinosaurs: ‘Amazing Dragon’ Fossils Uncovered

Northwestern China had fossils hidden under the ground, which made scientists rethink the evolution of long-necked dinosaurs – the largest animals that roamed the Earth. On 24 July, scientists announced that they... Read more »

New Dinosaur Species Uncovered: It’s the Oldest-Known Giant Dinosaur

Every discovery of dinosaur remains sheds new light on their evolution, but this discovery in Argentina could alter the way paleontologists see the entire evolution of dinosaurs. After analyzing and examining all... Read more »

How Did Birds Survive the Asteroid That Killed All Dinosaurs 66 Million Years Ago?

The Cretaceous period was coming to an end almost 66 million years ago when an asteroid as huge as Mount Everest crashed into the Earth. Landing in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, it... Read more »

Scientists Discovered How Dinosaurs Sat on Their Eggs And Didn’t Crush Them

If you think of a sparrow sitting in its small nest and tiny eggs, you’d say it’s adorable. But what about a giant dinosaur, big as a rhino, who’s ready to sit... Read more »

Looking at Fossilized Dinosaurs’ Teeth, Scientists Found Out What and How They Ate

Paleontologists from the University of Alberta have studied fossilized dinosaurs’ teeth to find out what they ate and how. Their research compared the teeth of three species of carnivorous dinosaurs. They looked... Read more »

The Real Reason Why Dinosaurs Died

We all know that dinosaurs died because of the asteroid that hit the Earth, right? But what if that isn’t true? A new theory comes to turn upside down everything we thought... Read more »