Dinosaur Fossils Present Modern Bacteria, According To New Research

We got some terrible news for fans of Jurassic Park that were hoping scientists would somehow be able to clone dinosaurs. This is impossible since DNA breaks down over time, so dinosaur... Read more »

65 Million-Year-Old Fossils Uncovered By Saskatchewan Scientists

Scientists at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum had a busy summer. Together with students and volunteers, they looked for dinosaur traces, and their work was not in vain. They found a skull of... Read more »

Dinosaur Fossils From China Might Be The 70-Million-Year “Missing Link”

Two dinosaur fossils found in China might fill a 70-million-year evolutionary gap. The relatively recently unearthed dinosaur species, Bannykus and Xiyunykus, belonged to the alvarezsaurid group of dinosaurs and the scientists believe... Read more »