Fasting Regimens Can Help People Diagnosed With Diabetes, Canadian Study Says

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Risks Of Diabetes According to Studies

Family disease. This expands the odds that someone will have islet-cell antibodies which, thus, increment the danger of creating type 1 diabetes. Islet cells are groups of cells in the pancreas that... Read more »

Men At Higher Risk of Early Death Due to Work Stress

Researchers found that stressful jobs impact more men than women. The risk of early death in men with heart problems or diabetes is increased, add the study authors. The study was recently... Read more »

Some Calories Are Worse Than Others, Says New Study

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Study Shows Vitamin D Could Help In Treating Diabetes

Scientists believe that Vitamin D is the answer to treating diabetes. Starting from the fact that diabetes is a disease caused by inflammation, researchers discovered that an excellent modulator of this inflammation... Read more »

Are Eggs Healthy Or Not? Dietitians and Researchers Have the Answer

Many nutritionists and dietitians have been talking about eggs and how healthy they are. Some claim that eggs have cholesterol that’s bad for the heart, but others think it’s a misconception. Two... Read more »

Is Stevia Healthy? What Are the Downsides of Consuming It?

If stevia is a nonnutritive sweetener with no calories, then how does it affect the human body? Many health and food safety organizations see stevia as a safe sweetener because it’s made... Read more »

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Obesity and Diabetes, Shows New Study

It might be true that sugar is our number one enemy when it comes to getting fat, or developing chronic diseases, but a new study performed on lab mice shows that artificial... Read more »

Too Much Fat on The Belly Increases Cardiovascular Disease, Researchers Say

Being a little overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular events, but a new research presented on 20 April at the European Society for Cardiology shows that it’s also important where that... Read more »

Dozens Must See a Doctor – Tests For Diabetes Done With Reused Needle at Scarborough Health Fair

After the health fair at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, a complaint was filed on 25 March. Public health officials have investigated the complaint and they reached the conclusion that some needles... Read more »