Dads Can Also Experience Postpartum Depression

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Massive Genetic Study Finds Connections Between Psychiatric Disorders

An international team of researchers from the US, UK, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia has started a project called “Brainstorm Study.” They used a million of people’s genes to find clues on... Read more »

Daily Routines Are Great For Mental Health, Claims a New Study

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Depression: She’s just 16, but she’s an inspiration for everybody

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A Broken Heart Can Actually Kill You, Study Says

The saying ‘dying of a broken heart’ is true, according to a new study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. We might have heard many tragedies of people dying after losing someone they... Read more »

Depression vs. Sadness: What’s The Difference For Today’s Society?

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Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health?

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UBC Discovered that Magnetic Pulses Can Successfully Treat Depression

Scientists in Vancouver and Toronto have successfully found a new way to treat depression. It’s with magnetic pulses around the brain, but there is one issue – the treatment is not covered... Read more »

Poor Diet Can Lead to Mental Health Crisis In Teens

Fiona Hunter has seen a connection between mental health crisis and a poor diet in teenagers. It seems that they might lack the vitamins and minerals, thus making them feel unhappy. The... Read more »

Eating Disorders in Teens Increases the Risk of Depression and of Being Bullied

Researchers have recently published a study called ‘Longitudinal Associations Among Bullying by Peers, Disordered Eating Behavior, and Symptoms of Depression During Adolescence’, in JAMA Psychiatry. According to the study, eating disorders increase... Read more »