Dark Matter Exists As New Research Disproves Other Possible Explanations

The universe has countless mysteries that haven’t been elucidated by scientists yet and dark matter used to be one of them. Dark matter is incredibly important as it is believed that it... Read more »

Dark Matter Detector Identified Two-Neutrino Double Electrons, Unveiling More About The Universe

This information is bringing both good news and bad news. The bad news is that no dark matter has been discovered. Well, it’s not that bad. The good news is that this... Read more »

Research Could Possibly Debunk Stephen Hawking’s Theory On Dark Matter

Stephen Hawking has developed a theory regarding the dark matter. As he famously explained, he believed primordial black holes make up dark matter. He theorized that the Big Bang led to the... Read more »

Breakthrough Discovery, Contradicting The Dark Matter Theory: A Second Galaxy With No Dark Matter Was Found

Everything that has been previously known about the formation of galaxies might be about to change following the latest discovery. Back in March 2018, researchers at Yale University have presented the results... Read more »

Scientists Discovered A Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter

A team of researchers led by Yale University is doubling down on its earlier finding of a galaxy that only has a small quantity of dark matter. The original study was published... Read more »

‘Missing’ Dark Matter From The Beginning of the Universe Found By Astronomers

Dark matter has been around for a long time, and even the galaxies that existed 10 billion years ago had almost as much dark matter as the galaxies that exist today. This... Read more »

New Dark Fluid Theory Seeks to Explain the Mystery of Dark Matter

The elusive nature of dark matter has continued to fascinate science for decades. A lost theory that was elaborated by Albert Einstein may finally offer a solution. It is generally agreed that... Read more »

Brand New Theory Could Explain The Missing 95% Of The Cosmos, University Of Oxford Finds

Scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest questions which linger in modern physics. Unifying dark matter and dark energy They did this with a paper that’s... Read more »

A Dark Matter Storm Is Rushing Towards The Sun

There’s a bizarre dark matter phenomenon that is speeding towards the Sun at speeds of about 500 km/second, says a new study that has been published in the journal Physical Review D... Read more »

Scientists Are Hunting The “Dark Force” To Uncover The Hidden Parts Of The Universe

Scientists are now struggling to find the “fifth force” of nature, the so-called “dark force,” that could reveal to us the hidden parts of the Universe. With this study, the researchers aim... Read more »