SpaceX Just Announced They Would Not Reuse the Dragon Crew Capsule

One of the greatest sales pitch from SpaceX was the reusability of their spacecraft. Now that they’re abandoning this idea, will Boeing rise on top, since they will stick with the reusability... Read more »

SpaceX Passed NASA Tests And Might Even Be Ready For Crewed Tests Three Months Earlier

SpaceX has been carrying many deliveries to the ISS, and now it’s working its way up again, but with the intention of carrying a human crew to space. Accomplishing this, will make... Read more »

NASA Might Allow SpaceX to Fuel the Rockets With Astronauts Aboard

Being an astronaut is quite risky. You’re launched into space with a rocket, and you must be prepared for things to go wrong. And to make things more dangerous, SpaceX wants to... Read more »

SpaceX Shows American Astronauts Are Ready To Get Back to Space

With so many delays, we can finally say that NASA will send astronauts to the International Space Station with an American spacecraft once again. Seven years after the Space Shuttle program was... Read more »

SpaceX Welcomes Press To See The Crew Dragon Simulator and Spacesuit

According to Teslarati website, SpaceX has just given access to the press to see the Crew Dragon simulator and the spacesuit especially created for the mission. The photos taken show how much... Read more »

Boeing Test Flights Delayed Again: The CST-100 Starliner Might Be Tested Next Year

After a month from the engine test issues, Boeing will have to delay the first two major test flights to the ISS of their future passenger spacecraft – The CST-100 Starliner. Before... Read more »