Dangerous CO2 Levels in Biodome Experiment Forces B.C Man to Give Up Early

A man from Vancouver Island has done an extreme demonstration of climate change and greenhouse gases by sealing himself in an airtight greenhouse and try to survive for three days with the... Read more »

“Highly Hazardous” Iceland Volcano Katla Releases 5% of Global Volcanic CO2 Emissions

The emissions analyzed by researchers near the Katla volcano seem to be higher than previously estimated. The CO2 emissions could become “highly hazardous” if the Icelandic volcano erupts, warn scientists. Eight years... Read more »

This Mineral Can Remove CO2 from Atmosphere. Scientists Can Easily Produce It in 72 Days

Magnesite can naturally store carbon dioxide, but it is a slow and long process. Scientists have discovered a new way of creating magnesite. If they can develop it on an industrial scale,... Read more »

CO2 may be Removed from the Atmosphere

Magnesite is the mineral which has the ability to store carbon dioxide, and scientist has found a quick way to produce it. The global warming effect of atmospheric CO2 can be minimized... Read more »